online facade project

In addition to local projects, it is also possible to carry out an online project.

It is based on close cooperation through available means of communication like telephone and e-mail

How to start?

To price a job you need a bit of data:

What are we going to do?
the size of the house, the design of the fencing and driveway the size of the area.

And that is generally all I need for a quote.

The next step after approving the scope and costs is sending me to the address biuro@projektelewacji.pl for the project, inventory, measurements and photos.

The third stage is the implementation of visualization – we work on a work visualization, and the final stage is not improved.

Documentation is continued (if it is the subject of the order)

Documentation is provided electronically.


That is one of the most important issues for each project.

After receiving the documentation, the 3d model is executed, its dropping is sent to the given e-mail, at the same time asking for an advance payment for the work.

The second installment is paid when the documentation is sent. After receiving the payment, I give the password to the compressed folder with the documentation.


The settlement can be made by bank transfer or Paypal.
Each time you will receive an invoice with an EU VAT number

If you have questions please contact me