Elevation is a showcase of every house, building or other building. Its form, materials used show the passer-by with whom he really has to deal with. It is not easy to choose materials in a way that will delight us, as investors and every visitor. You can of course put on an independent project, based on your own taste, experience and imagination. And you can trust specialists who will choose materials, make visualizations, thanks to which we will see our beloved house from the outside before the first brick is made; and at the end they will carry out the technical documentation. Each of the above stages can be practically ordered separately or all as a comprehensive service.

The project is always just the beginning of cooperation, the next stage is construction. When designing a given element, I can propose a contractor for the construction works, as well as the construction manager (it is not required, but it is a very helpful person on the construction site – I invite you here to find out.


The scope of work

  • Elevation visualizations
  • Elevation Projects
  • Visualization of fences
  • Architectural Projects. Fences
  • Workshop fences
  • Designs Driveways
  • Design Driveway for people with disabilities

Visualizations or graphical presentation of our expectations, ideas with the use of appropriate materials. They show in an illustrative, but very precise way, what the end result will be.

Elevation project, ie concept, visualization and drawings. The project includes not only the characteristic elevation drawings, but also a list of the materials used together with their quantity. What materials are selected on the project? From the finishing of walls, through window sills, cornices, gutters, through, in some cases, lighting. If it is a raw state, windows and doors are to be opened or replaced, the project also includes window choices. We implement building projects with a maximum height of 25m.

Visualization of fences is a graphical form of presenting the concept of a planned fence.

The architectural design of the fence is a set of visualization and drawings of the fence in a translation into the existing area. To carry out this project, a map should be provided for design purposes.

Workshop Project Fencing or a project in which a fence or parts of it are drawn in detail, including hinges and locks.

The Driveway project is a project of the driveway on the plot of the investor in the form of land development with possible additional drawings, enabling the implementation of the construction / reconstruction of the driveway.

Design of Driveway for the disabled or in other words a ramp. It is an object that does not require a building permit. It is supposed to make it easier for people with mobility difficulties moving on crutches or on a wheelchair to get inside the house / building more easily.

The above-mentioned projects are clearly associated with the facade of the house or its showcase.

What does cooperation look like?
The beginning is a telephone conversation. I need to get acquainted with the topic in order to be able to comment in any way. After this initial conversation, we decide whether we meet at the construction site, we set the details of cooperation.

Then there is a visual and technical part – here a project is made: visualizations, drawings. The final stage is construction. If you decide on a supervised project, I am on site more or less once a week, if not more often. I check the progress of works and the ways of their implementation. I am talking with contractors and I will determine further methods if the situation so requires. If you need a construction manager, I would like to recommend it to you – a person who makes sure that construction works in accordance with applicable law and the art of technical knowledge.

Do you want to ask about the price? ask

Prices are set individually after an initial interview and the scope of work. The price is different with executive supervision, otherwise without. The price also depends on the size. There is no price per m2 for the whole project.

Sample prices:

visualization of the elevation of a single-family house up to 300m2: 230 Euro

single-family house, 180m2, unattended facade project: 260 Euro

single-family house, 350m2, unattended facade project  380 Euro

single-family house, 150m2, facade project with supervision 670 Euro

steel fence, stone posts, architectural design 240 Euro.

design of a driveway for disabled people for a single-family home: 190 Euro

design of driveway from paving stone + 170 Euro list

The prices are exemplary and do not constitute an offer within the meaning of commercial law. For an exact quote, please contact me.




My name is Krzysztof Szozda and I am an architect. I have been working in the profession since 2008, after graduating from the Faculty of Architecture at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. Among my previous projects, I can mention office buildings, single-family houses, warehouses as well as the design of river port buildings in Puławy. I am particularly proud of the Lookout Tower, made according to my concept and my design. I work in specialist programs, having for each of them a legal license for commercial work. The basic program that serves me to work is Archicad, from which I am Coachem. All projects are carried out as spatial projects, which allows the capture and elimination of most problems at the project stage. Since 2014, I run my own studio, and I invite you to cooperate with this studio.

I prefer projects at local level. My office is located in Wojkowice (Silesian Voivodeship), so I work in the area. What cities are at stake? Rogoźnik, Bobrowniki, Dobieszowice, Siemonia, Sączów, Strzyżowice, Sarnów and other neighboring cities.

Call or write

mob. 0048  667175889